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Vegepod, the world’s number one raised garden bed born and bred right here in Australia, is coming to Farm Fantastic! They are thrilled to be putting boots back on the ground in Caboolture.

Vegepod’s mission is to provide everyone with the ability to grow their own food. Their design provides an easily accessible, low maintenance raised garden bed for all. The unique self-watering technology, portability, durability and sustainability have seen them win multiple major awards such as Product of the Year at the Chelsea Flower Show, the Golden Shovel peer review Best Product and winner of SharkTank Australia.

Benefits and Features:
  • Self-Watering Wicking Reservoirs: The Vegepod is Smart-Water-Mark approved and the wicking wells beneath the soil ensure your plants always have access to water when they want it. Overflow holes avoid drowning your plants. You can leave your veg unattended without rain for up to three weeks in the summer and know your garden will still thrive. The contained Vegepod saves up to 80% of water compared to your average garden.
  • Accessible: The Vegepod comes in three sizes and has optional stands and trolleys, meaning the garden is accessible for anyone of all abilities and location.
  • Mist Irrigation: Misters line the ceiling of the canopy and easily attach to a standard hose connection, providing a gentle and widespread spray ideal for watering.
  • Mesh Canopy: The Vegepod has a permeable mesh protective canopy that allows the good necessities in such as sun, air and rain, whilst protecting against the nasties such as pests, harsh elements and weeds. The commercial grade fine mesh creates a micro-climate ideal for optimum growth and is animal-friendly.
  • Depth: A full foot of growing depth means you are not limited to just herbs and leafy greens, but you can expand your edible gardening to roots and fruits too.
  • Protective Covers: For extreme weather conditions, there are optional add-on covers. There is a Hothouse Winter Cover or a Summer Shade Cover you can place over the all-year cover to protect your plants from even the harshest frost, snow, and sun.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Unlike most other raised garden beds, the Vegepod is certifiably food-safe. They are non-leaching, BPA free and UV stabilised. It’s also recyclable! The stands are galvanised steel, powder coated with stainless steel bolts to successfully support the raised garden bed in all conditions.
  • Easy Assembly: The set-up is easy with no tools required.

Visit the Vegepod team on site OS310 during the 2021 Farm Fantastic Expo to see the Vegepod in action and learn why it simply is the most efficient and practical way to grow your own.