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Vanderfield, always with you

No matter what point you’re at in the season, you always need good support from your business partners. Whether they’re your agronomists, financial advisers or your local machinery rep, good support makes your business operations run smoothly and successfully.

As we approach another key point in the season – the end of financial year – there are many things to consider to ensure your business is ready for the new year, and there are no bumps in the road.

Your records need to be up to date, including documentation for any asset purchases, equipment finance and contracts/settlement statements for property purchases. Make sure you are also prepared with a reconciliation of your livestock numbers, fodder on hand and other assets that your accountant will be wanting.

Time to buy?

You can also take advantage of any instant asset tax write-off incentives and offers. Maybe you’re looking at adding a new piece of equipment to your fleet?

Turn to your business partners to see how they may be able to support you at this time.

The Vanderfield team, across their sales, support and service representatives, is always on hand for any questions or advice around machinery purchases or updates at this time of year.

A customer’s experience

Raymond Arcidiacono is a capsicum grower from Ballandean, Queensland. He and his family have been working with Vanderfield for almost 20 years, and he credits the team with always going the extra mile. His farm is two and a half hours away from his local branch, but he says it feels like it’s just down the road, and thanks his local Vanderfield team for always having his back.

Raymond runs a John Deere 6830 Premium Tractor, a 6105R, 6090RC, 6090MC & 5075M Utility Tractors, a 1026R Compact Utility Tractor and an 855D Gator across his two properties and packing shed, among other equipment.

“If one of our machines stops or breaks down, pretty much the whole show stops. From ground prep to planting, we need them to be there and ready to go.

“Downtime for even a week in a critical time for us means planting will be delayed, and we won’t hit the market at our required time. When we’ve got contracts to fill, we need to be starting on time, with no downtime, so it’s a domino effect if something goes wrong,” Raymond says.

“We value the backup and support that comes with our machines. If you can’t support the product, there’s no point having it, but Vanderfield’s support is exceptional. Our closest Vanderfield branch is 2.5 hours from our farm, but it’s like having them down the road. They care about us and our operations, and are more than just a dealership to us, but a true partner.”

Get in touch

Across their now expanded branch network of 22 branches in Queensland, Northern NSW and Northern Territory, Vanderfield has a large range of John Deere equipment to support your farming operations. Whether it’s a mower, gator utility vehicle or tractor, they’ve always got you covered. Plus, their committed sales, service and support teams are always there for you and your business.

Contact your local Vanderfield branch today to find out more about current deals and rates on John Deere ag utility equipment.

www.vanderfield.com.au/always or 1300 VANDER