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Fay and Glenn, like most people who rely on rain water for their household water supply, found themselves wondering how to ensure that their water supply was clean and safe for everyday use.

“We didn’t want to empty the water due to the drought, and we heard about chlorine dioxide,” Fay explains.

“The next day Glenn informed me that the only place he could find chlorine dioxide, having looked on the internet, was in Perth. He said he had been on the phone for an hour.

“I said to him that it sounded like a great business opportunity.”

Fay and Glenn are now proud to be the authorised Queensland distributor for the Perth-based Natural Water Solutions, selling CleanOxide. CleanOxide is a safe and environmentally friendly form of Chlorine Dioxide.

“Even though the new form of chlorine dioxide is becoming more known in the industry, it’s still relatively unknown for what it does and the benefits of using CleanOxide over other products and it has a very broad range of uses,” Fay said.

“Having the form of gel, tablets, powder, and liquid is also a benefit for different forms of applications.

“I believe this timely opportunity is a blessing for us and the community.

“Not only do we have products to clean bacteria and viruses in our water, but also in the air around us.” To discuss how this exciting product could work for you visit Natural Water Solutions at site OS217.