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“When I was a little girl, I can clearly recall having an interest in dolls and all things pretty, but I also loved running wild with the boys riding bikes, playing in the mud and working on cars with my dad,” says Kym, GD Water Bores employee.
“Today, nothing has changed! I still love all of the finer things in life, but I also love to work on cars, build things, lift weights and get my hands dirty. These interests have presented me with a colourful working career which has presented me with key roles and experiences in my life.”
Most recently, COVID-19 forced Kym to reach outside of her comfort zone and make a career change. She joined an innovative family business, GD Water Bores on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, as a Drillers Assistant.
She saw immediately how GD Water Bores embraced diversity amongst their team.
Historically, women have been overlooked and it has taken constant evolution for the stigma to subside and for companies to embrace all that women can bring to such a male dominated industry. So what does a day in the life of a Drillers Assistant look like from a woman’s perspective?
“Up and at ‘em is all I can say. The day starts off extremely early and if you are one who likes to sleep in, then this gig is definitely not for you. Shower, hair up, high vis on, steel caps laced, safety glasses, gloves and hard hat all ready to go. This is my new daily routine,” explains Kym.
Projects are vast and can vary from days to weeks away from home, bunked up in a mining camp or overnight accommodation. A few things Kym learned very quickly, is the ability to enjoy solitude, become one of the team and to love the job. When offsiding in the Water Bore sector the days are long, dirty, physical, but most importantly, extremely rewarding.
“Have there been times where I thought I couldn’t handle it and questioned myself? Honestly, yes! But, my team is what gets me through and they support one another to safely and collectively get the job done. We all have a part to play and together we achieve our goals daily.”
“The cons. Sore muscles, calluses on the hands, dirt, and my skin takes a beating, but I wouldn’t trade it. Bathroom breaks? Well, you will be surprised to know we have a portable ensuite bathroom setup.”
If you too had aspirations as a little girl to run with the boys, Skye’s advice to you is to do it! Push through those thoughts in your head that you can’t do it, because you can. If it wasn’t for companies like GD Water Bores, equal opportunities would not exist today and women would still be held back, pigeon holed due to the perception of inability and lack of strength.

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