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Drones have been a hot item for a number of years, with consumers snapping them up for their ability to give a birds eye view of their surroundings. At the same time, their use within agriculture has been slowly growing. Many within agriculture can see their potential to provide important data to guide decisions on farm, but often the return on investment can be hard to put a value on. 

The focus of Fly the Farm is to ensure that there are profitability, productivity or sustainability outcomes that can be achieved by bringing a drone into an agricultural business. With over 20 years (well, her whole life really) experience in agriculture, Meg Kummerow, owner of Fly the Farm, is dedicated to delivering drone solutions for Australian agriculture. 

One of the major steps in the last few years has been the release of drones for spraying. Now featuring tanks of 20lt, these drones can make work on the farm safer and reduce soil compaction that occurs with traditional wheeled or tracked machines. 

However, buying a spray drone is the easy part – understanding the regulatory requirements of using a drone for spraying can be a little more difficult, which is why Meg has focused on helping her customers understand the pathways to get a drone spraying in their business.

If you have been looking at a drone for your agricultural business, drop in to see Fly the Farm at the 2021 Farm Fantastic Expo at site U612, 12 – 14 November at the Caboolture Showgrounds.