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Crime Stoppers has been taking anonymous crime and suspicious activity reports from the community for over 30 years.  As such, we’ve become one of the most trusted charity brands in Australia.

For this reason, the Australian Government has asked Crime Stoppers to promote the permanent firearms amnesty that commenced on 1 July this year. This means that people can surrender, register, or sell their unregistered firearms without penalty to their existing firearms licence. 

It’s perfectly legal to own firearms in Queensland, provided the owner is licensed, the firearms are registered and they are securely stored. This helps to reduce the risk of firearms getting into the wrong hands and being used in crime.

You can learn more about this permanent amnesty at the Crime Stoppers Queensland stand at Farm Fantastic.  You can also find information about the amnesty at crimestoppers.com.au/FirearmAmnesty or if you’d like to know more about Crime Stoppers Queensland visit us at CrimeStoppersQld.com.au