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It’s a fact that farmers and landowners are faced with many challenges. No doubt, they have heard all sorts of promises from well-meaning folk with fancy ideas to help them solve those problems too! Well, maybe, once and for all, there are a couple of blokes that have come up with simple and cost-efficient solutions to help fix some of the big issues farmers deal with on their properties. There is nothing like practical solutions to appeal to the man on the land. Here are a couple that might help you out once and for all!

  1. Does your property have fences that have rotted, rusted or been eaten by termites, that need replacing sooner that they should? The answers simple! You need prestressed Concrete Fence Posts made by Australian Concrete Posts. Fence it once, fence it right when you choose Australian Concrete Fence Posts. They’re driveable, durable and will outlast timber, steel posts. The quality is consistent, the supply is reliable, and they are affordable!
  2. Do your farm gullies, waterways, drainage channels and dams face erosion issues that seem are becoming more frequent due to changes in weather patterns?
    There is hope! Consider a permeable flexible concrete erosion mat that’s quick and easy to install and cost efficient. Australian Concrete Mats manufacture two types of concrete erosion mats, both are flexible so they contour to the landscape and they’re permeable so the vegetation can grow through. That’s a win for you and for the environment!

Richard Mould and his business partner, Alan Theron are both hands-on in the development and manufacture of concrete products. They have built a good reputation with their products that are tried and tested across Australia. Since 2015, they have been supplying their concrete products to NSW and QLD Roads and Maritime Departments, regional council authorities, many civil projects and thousands of landowners and developers across Australia.

They offer simple engineered solutions for those big issues that arise from Australia’s harsh environmental conditions in their concrete products. They make prestressed concrete fence posts and flexible concrete erosion control mats. You may have met them at Farm Fantastic in years past? If not, them check out their products while you’re at the expo at site OS521.