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If you ever get the feeling that you are being watched, then you may well be correct when you walk around the Multi-Rotor Technologies display at Farm Fantastic. The Gold Coast Company specialize in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Research and Development in Australia. UAV’s, or more commonly known as Drone’s, were originally designed and developed for military use, but have since been adopted for commercial and lifestyle applications.

Founded in 2010, the company started off as James Electronics, specializing in Arduino/Picaxe Kit projects for drone hobbyists. It didn’t take long to realise that the demand for drone experts was increasing, so in 2014, James started Multi-rotor R/D Technologies with the addition of Civil Aviation Safety Authority certified David Batterham.

Over the past decade, the pair have seen so many changes in the way we use drones. What was originally proposed to be an unmanned military spy aircraft, are now commonly used for photography on all sorts of things from weddings to real estate. Last year drones were celebrated as the very latest piece of equipment for Surf Life Savers for shark spotting and even more miraculously for dropping inflatables to struggling swimmers dragged out to sea by a rip. There is even a drone that is capable of spotting schools of fish off shore and then taking the line and lure and dropping it in the middle of ocean.

Multi-Rotor R/D Technologies will be demonstrating at this years’ Farm Fantastic on the various types of drones available for businesses and individual consumers. From drones small enough to fit in the palm of your hand through to very large and more robust ‘aircraft’ that can be used in all sorts of farming applications from weed spraying to fence checks to cattle spotting and everything in between.

Multi-Rotor Technology Operations Manager, David Batterham, holds the appropriate Certification from Civil Aviation Safety Authority to pilot commercial drones and will be on hand at the expo to explain to people the new rules around drone operations and flying them. He will also explain how to gain the necessary accreditation to suit their particular field of interest.