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Queensland Windmill and Solar has been operating since 1995 as a windmill and bore repair business, using the name Queensland Windmill Service. It has had extensive experience in equipping bores, mainly with windmills, and in the installation, maintenance and repairs of pumping and irrigation equipment.

The business’s main area of operation has been in the Toowoomba – Warwick area of the Darling Downs. Over the years, the owners, Clayton and Rhys Newman, have become increasingly interested and involved in solar water pumping. Solar water pumping has become their main focus, and along with windmills, AC-powered conventional submersible pumps, and irrigation pumps, they can provide a wide range of pumping solutions. Their customers are now widely distributed throughout Australia.

The potential for solar pumps is huge, particularly for stock watering as an alternative to a windmill, and in remote power situations.

  • They use free power from the sun and get this power every single day of the year.
  • They work at their peak in summer conditions when water requirements are usually the largest.
  • Pumping does not stop simply because there is no wind, like what happens with a windmill.
  • They have very low maintenance, which means there are minimal ongoing costs with their use.
  • No more replacing lengths of steel pipe, pulling bores just to replace pump buckets, or expensive windmill engine repairs or reconditioning.
  • They are very reliable and can be set to start and stop automatically by using a pressure switch at the controller, and a double-acting tank float valve at your tank, or float a switch. This maintains full water storage.

Lorentz is a leading manufacturer, and their product range is specially developed for solar powered water pumping. Lorentz was established in 1993 Hamburg, Germany. The company designs and manufactures solar water pumps, solar trackers, and various related electronic and hydraulic components. Lorentz products are used worldwide in rural and urban areas. Lorentz offers the widest range of surface and submersible solar water pumps in the market.