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The team at Land Watch Australia have spent many days touring farms while the landowner explains the increasing difficulties of the job and the farming lifestyle.

It usually begins with a hesitant father agreeing to a keen son or daughters’ idea to have a chat with James and John from Land Watch Australia about remote camera and monitoring solutions.

It seems that the younger generation isn’t convinced that success on the farm has to involve sacrifice to family and lifestyle that it once did, and that with the introduction of modern technology, they might be able to work a bit smarter.

One recent excursion around a large sheep station in Western Queensland, the father wasn’t convinced of the benefits of remote monitoring, insisting that a drive around the paddocks a couple of times a week was best. Upon arriving at a distant water trough, it was discovered that something had jammed the float valve open. The result was overflowing water with the evidence running across the paddock for quite some time.

Whilst still experiencing drought conditions, the supply of drinking water wasn’t the issue, what with the largest underground water basin in the world under your feet. However, the erosion from an overflowing trough meant yet another repair job to add to the list.

After looking at the overflowing trough for a minute the seasoned old farmer looked up and said ‘so I could have checked that from my phone hey?’

Talk to the guys from Land Watch Australia at the 2020 Farm Fantastic Expo, site number 107 located near the Northern entry.